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Factors Affecting The Zinc Layer Of Zinc Steel Fence

Pulished on Jul. 11, 2019

Here is Galvanized Iron Wire Supplier talking about Factors Affecting The Zinc Layer Of Zinc Steel Fence.

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The raw materials used in the production of zinc steel guardrails are galvanized pipes. The quality of galvanized pipes directly affects the quality and service life of zinc steel guardrails. It is necessary to understand the factors affecting the galvanized layer of zinc steel guardrails.

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The zinc immersion temperature of zinc steel guardrail has a very obvious influence on the Fe-Zn reaction. When the temperature exceeds 480 °C, the Fe-Zn reaction rate and the interdiffusion rate of Fe and Zn are accelerated under the same zinc immersion time, the nucleation rate of phase crystals decreases rapidly, the crystal growth rate increases, and a coarse gap is formed. The crystalline phase, the phase becomes a porous and discontinuous structure. At this time, the liquid zinc atoms directly infiltrate into the formed phase interface through the loose porous gap, so that the reaction speed of Fe-Zn is greatly accelerated, forming a thick alloy layer. The tissue is thick and loose, and the brittleness is significantly increased. At the same time, the higher the temperature, the iron in the pot body and the plated parts will accelerate the dissolution, the zinc steel guardrail will increase the iron content in the zinc liquid, the viscosity of the zinc liquid will increase, and the quality of the zinc liquid will deteriorate. When the temperature is lower than 480 ° C, zinc is present. The nucleation rate in the phase is significantly larger than the phase, and the structure is dense, generally. When the tissue density is high, the phase is also a dense structure. Correctly and reasonably select the hot-dip galvanizing temperature of zinc steel guardrail, so that the zinc liquid maintains good fluidity, lower the diffusion speed and reaction speed of Fe-Zn atom with lower immersion zinc temperature, obtain appropriate proportion of thickness of each phase, and adjust the lifting speed by adjusting The size of the method to control the phase in the thickness range of 20 to 40 m is an effective way to suppress the brittleness of the zinc layer.