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Specification and advantages of fence network for photovoltaic power station

Pulished on Jul. 20, 2019

Specification and advantages of fence network for photovoltaic power station shared by double wire mesh fencing supplier.

Photovoltaic electric field fence products with beautiful and durable, not deformation, fast installation, is a relatively ideal metal fence products, can be made into a permanent wall, and can be used as a temporary isolation network, just use different column fixed way can be achieved. Anti - corrosion, anti - aging, anti - sun, weather resistance and other characteristics. For the form of corrosion protection can be used in electroplating, hot plating, spray, dip.

Photovoltaic electric field isolation fence is a kind of low carbon steel cold-drawn low carbon steel wire welded into the fence products, it is fixed by connecting accessories and steel pole, with high strength, good rigidity, beautiful shape, broad vision, simple installation, feeling bright, easy. It is mainly used for protection, isolation and anti-theft in large field. The first anti-corrosion treatment is galvanized, corrosion resistance is extremely strong, the second is spray, dip, all kinds of colors of spray, dip let you find new and fresh. After several years of wind, frost, rain and snow, the sun, or bright as new, strong uv resistance.

Common specifications of guardrails for photovoltaic power stations

Wire diameter: 4.5mm 5.0mm

Size: 70 * 140 mm

Screen size: 1.8*2.5m

Frame size: 20*30*1.5mm

Column size: 48*2.0mm 60*2.5mm

Installation method: 1. Embedded (column height: 2.2m) 2. Flange chassis (column height: 1.9m)

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