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Anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of stadium purse Seine

Pulished on Jul. 05, 2019

Anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of stadium purse Seine

Stadium purse Seine surface anti-corrosion treatment shared by Sports Field Mesh Panel Fencing supplier.

The main surface treatment methods of the stadium fence (stadium fence) are PVC coated plastic or PE coated plastic. The main differences between the two surface treatment methods are as follows:

1. PE coating is widely used with low cost, which can meet the requirements of general stadium fences. But PE plastic powder uv resistance ability is poor, easy to fade or crack, if plastic powder storage or production process caused by moisture, it is easy to appear in the short term plastic layer cracking phenomenon, especially in light plastic layer prominent, dark green or other dark color is not too obvious.

2. The advantages of PVC plastic packaging is strong uv resistance, plastic layer soft capricious strong, generally 15 years will not appear cracking phenomenon, but the cost of PVC plastic powder is relatively high, even than some cheap PE plastic powder raw materials two or three times higher than the price, for many owners of the minimum cost of the application is not very wide.

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3. Different surface treatment methods can be adopted according to different customer requirements. Generally speaking, the service life of both kinds of surface treatment can reach 5-10 years. For some special requirements or high requirements for the service life of the recommended choice of PVC plastic stadium fence!

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