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Why does the stadium love the green fence net?

Pulished on Oct. 30, 2019

Sports is an indispensable part of our lives, so the sports field is the best place for us to perform sports activities, and we are often the outdoor sports field. The main material that constitutes the outdoor sports field is the green fence net. So why do most of the sports fields use green mesh panel fencing?

First, why choose green for decoration?

On the one hand, choosing green decoration is inextricably linked to everyone's visual acceptance. The same is reflected in the material of the community network bar, choose green as the best material, and everyone's visual acceptance is also easier. Green is the most useful source of material in terms of acceptance and color fatigue compared to other color webs. In addition, green has the effect of relieving fatigue from the visual effect. It is well known that green plants can be relieved when they use visual fatigue for a long time, so this is one of the main reasons why road traffic fences often use green.

On the other hand, the green color is chosen to be aesthetically pleasing, and the durable hot dipped galvanized mesh panel fencing is sprayed by a dip-coating method to attach a solid, closed barrier layer to the entire surface of the mesh. It is able to isolate metal from outside air and moisture. At the same time, the green paint decoration can also be well symmetrical with the green of the community, and it plays a very good decorative effect. It is used for the decoration of the green belts on both sides of the urban roads and the green screens of the residential areas. It not only plays a good role in isolation and protection, but also can be the best decoration product of the community. It is the best source of materials in the market.

Welded Wire Panel Fence

Welded Wire Panel Fence

Second, why choose a fence network?

The most important point in using the fence net in the sports field is to have a certain impact, and it is not easy to deform to prolong the service life of the fence. In addition, in a special environment, the fence of the sports field fence network should meet the following five requirements in terms of quality:

1. Thickness: high temperature plasticizing kneading, stable rotation speed, plastic surface thickness is maintained above 1.0mm.

2. Skills: special rotary hook weaving bow skills, optimized mold design, to ensure that the product is produced without bending seams at the bend.

3. material: pure high-density PE plastic packaging, no mixed half-point filling material and recycled material composition, to ensure the service life of the sports field fence network and its regulatory requirements.

4. long life: high-density raw plastic, the external water absorption rate of 0%, resistant to general acids and alkalis.

5. no maintenance: exempt manual protection and maintenance, the external dust is naturally washed down by rain, can be removed after use as a beautification facility.

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