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The Protective Features of the Stone Cage Net

Pulished on Oct. 25, 2019

We all know that the installation of the wire mesh and gabion is very simple and convenient to transport. Local civil affairs departments and other departments will reserve a certain amount of stone cage nets to deal with sudden floods or natural disasters such as landslides. If you encounter such a natural disaster, you can deal with it for the first time, and maximize the protection of the lives and property of ordinary people.
Stone cage nets are usually made by electroplating zinc wire, hot dipped galvanized wire, high-heat galvanized wire and Galvan wire. The stone cage mesh material is one of the most important of all parameters, which is related to the quality of the project and the service life of the product. There is a great value difference in the manufacture of steel wire with different materials. When purchasing the products of the stone cage net, there will usually be a clear material footing and zinc or aluminum content on the drawing. This should not be changed casually. Otherwise, it will be a big difficulty in the acceptance. There are not many people who know the word Galvan. It is also known as zinc-5% aluminum inclusion rare earth alloy or zinc-10% aluminum inclusion rare earth alloy or directly into zinc aluminum alloy.

Gabions Basket

Gabions Basket

So what are the characteristics of its protective layout?
1. Safety: The protective layout of the stone cage network is attributed to the flexible layout, that is, the deformation layout. This layout will add its resistance to the load due to the development of the tension element; it can be used to the relationship between the soil layer and the soil layer, and it can be excellently used to deform the foundation; it can absorb the energy generated by the external dynamic load, which is excellent. The anti-shock function and the impact resistance.
2. Persistence: The corrosion of the mesh due to oxidation is a very slow process, and it will not be more severe than the aging effect of any other layout. Together with the high quality 10% AL+Zn alloy maintenance and application of an optimized resin film, it adds durability.
3. Ecology: The protective layout has natural water permeability, does not have a circulatory system that is separated from the ecological environment, and can be introduced into the natural ecological environment. The phytosanitary layer can be generated from the inside out because the plant roots are reinforced by the soil. Therefore, the security of the layout is improved and
4. Durability: The reality is that the organization is consistent with the surrounding environment.
5, water permeability: after the protection of the layout device, the water head after the pad will not be added. Together, it can ensure the natural exchange of natural water and groundwater, further enhancing the environmental protection effect and having natural water permeability.
6. Integrity: The protective layout of the gabion net consists of independent units, but each adjacent unit is stranded by a wire, so it also has excellent integrity.