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What is welded wire mesh?

Pulished on Nov. 05, 2019

The welded wire mesh is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and then subjected to surface passivation and plasticization treatment such as cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, and PVC coating. It achieves smooth surface, uniform mesh, firm solder joints, good local machining performance, stability, good weather resistance and good corrosion resistance.

The main purpose

Welded wire mesh is widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture, construction, transportation and mining. Such as machine guards, animal fences, flower fences, window guards, channel fences, poultry cages, egg baskets and home office food baskets, paper baskets and decorations. It is mainly used for general building exterior walls, poured concrete, high-rise residential buildings, etc. It plays an important structural role in the insulation system. During the construction, the hot-dip galvanized welded grid polystyrene board is placed on the inner side of the outer mold to be cast. The outer thermal insulation board and the wall body survive at one time, and the thermal insulation board and the wall body are integrated into one after the mold is removed.

External wall insulation engineering application

Galvanized welded wire mesh plays a certain role in building thermal insulation and crack prevention engineering. There are two kinds of external wall plastering nets: one is hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh (long life and strong anti-corrosion performance); the other is modified wire welded wire mesh (economical concessions, smooth surface, white and shiny), according to the requirements of the region and construction units to make reasonable selection of materials.

Steel structure application

The professional galvanized welded steel mesh of steel structure is customized according to engineering needs, which can protect the glass wool and its heat preservation effect.

New style water cage

The smooth surface of the new type of water shovel cage will not scratch the water shovel. The galvanized electric welding wire has uniform zinc content and is not easy to rust. The new water raft cage is more convenient to use, the living environment of the leeches is more comfortable, and the price is much more affordable than the previous size otter cage. But the overall performance is not affected at all, but it is better.

PVC coated welded wire mesh is a high-profile welded wire mesh with a protective tipping net on the upper part. The wire mesh is galvanized steel wire and PVC plastic coated to ensure the maximum strength and durability while protecting the appearance.

Material: low carbon steel wire, PVC plastic coated

Manufacturing process: After steel wire welding, it can also be electroplated, hot-plated and coated.

Uses: Fence, decoration, protection and other facilities in industries such as industry, agriculture, municipalities and transportation.

Features: good anti-corrosion performance, strong weather resistance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance. Installation is quick and easy.

Double Wire Mesh Fence

Double Wire Mesh Fence

Product advantages

The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical; it is easy to transport, and the installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations; especially for mountains, slopes and multi-bend areas, the adaptability is very strong; the price is medium and low, suitable for large-area adoption.

The welded wire mesh can be made into a mesh form. The surface of the mesh can be dipped or sprayed to form a protective film on the surface of the welded wire mesh, which can effectively make the wire and the outside water corrosive. The material isolation can achieve the effect of increasing the use time, and can also make the surface of the mesh appear different colors, so that the mesh can achieve an aesthetic effect. The dip-coated mesh is usually used outdoors and linked to the column to protect against theft.