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Welded Wire Mesh Fence is different from other guardrail

Pulished on Sep. 05, 2019

Welded Wire Mesh Fence is different from other guardrail

Specification of Hot dipped galvanized Mesh Panel Fencing:

Product features: polyester electrostatic powder spray: guardrail after four layers of chemical coating and 19 special chemical process processing to produce permanent coating, so that it has excellent anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-impact and anti-dirty performance, long service life;

Assembled design: users can use a "word" screwdriver to splice the guardrail, the installation is quick and simple;

Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment: more than 20 years of service life, effectively solve the long-term problems of surface corrosion, pulverization, cracking and other problems of the fence products;

Product colors: sky blue, dark blue, grass green, dark green, white, silver gray, gray, coffee, light black, black, wine red, rich colors, to meet the personalized needs of different customers;

Environmental protection: does not pollute the environment, has solved the ordinary product to pollute the building the question;

Product performance: Welded Wire Mesh Fence has good flexibility, the steel and flexibility of high quality steel fence products have better impact resistance;

Cleaning capacity: because the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, the product has a good self-cleaning performance, rain washing and spray washing can be clean as new;

Hot dipped galvanized Mesh Panel Fencing


Fittings: stainless steel safety bolts with anti-theft design, saving your worries; Vertical bar and crossbar joint, there is a sealed waterproof ring buckle, the internal connection with stainless steel calipers, comprehensive rust prevention, so that you can never see the fence rust;

Guardrail installation: adopt connector installation method, which not only saves your infrastructure cost, but also saves labor cost;

Environment selection: good weather resistance, salt fog resistance and heat and humidity resistance, suitable for different areas of use;

Decorative Double Wire Mesh Fence specifications

Related parameters of zinc steel guardrail :(the following units are mm)

1. Transverse beam: 32*32, 40*40, 30*40, 45*45, 50*50, 40*60

2. Pillars: 45*45, 50*50, 60*60, 80*80, 100*100

3. Poling: 16 * 16, 19 * 19, 25 * 25, 12 * 25 * 25, 19, 22 Ø, 30 * 30

4. Material: hot-dip galvanized steel pipe

5. Surface treatment: pure polyester color powder spraying