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Will the zinc steel road guardrail rust?

Pulished on Sep. 12, 2019

Will the zinc steel road guardrail rust? Following the Mesh Panel Fencing supplier would like to share with us.

Urban traffic guardrail is not only the simple isolation of the road, but also the key purpose is to express and convey the urban traffic information to the people and traffic flow, establish a traffic rule, maintain traffic order, and make the urban traffic safe, fast, orderly, smooth and convenient. Can zinc steel road guardrail rust? This is a problem that many people are concerned about. In principle it does not rust as long as it does not damage the coating on the surface of the zinc-steel road guardrail, so the quality of the coating is particularly important.

There are several aspects that determine the quality of the coating:

One, the quality of polyurethane powder, this is the fundamental thing, this is directly related to the use of the process will not fade, will not powder, fall off. Fade on his anti - uv stability of the performance, this performance will not affect the Hot dipped galvanized welded wire mesh will not rust, but powder, fall off will directly lead to the zinc steel guardrail rust. Therefore, the quality of the powder must be good, but this thing is only known in the later use process, can not be verified in a short time, so this can only be determined by the quality of the powder factory before, so choose a good reputation, big brand powder is particularly important.

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Second, the quality of zinc steel guardrail surface coating in addition to the quality of the powder also has a great relationship with the processing process, pretreatment, the thickness of the powder, the stability of the solidification determines the quality of spraying, as long as there is no problem to ensure all links to ensure the quality of the zinc steel road guardrail.

Zinc steel fence does not rust reason:

Welded wire mesh panels supplier shares taht according to the authoritative chemical knowledge, first of all, zinc is a kind of difficult to be corroded metal, when the heat of zinc to the surface of the steel can prevent the fresh air moisture and oxygen in the action of corrosion and rust; Moreover, zinc is also a kind of material that can increase the smoothness, so many zinc-steel fence manufacturers use this method to prevent the oxidation of steel.

Zinc steel can prevent corrosion, and provide a layer of zinc protective film on the metal, with electrical conductivity of the metal material repair color care agent; Safe and reliable double protection, synthetic metal resin protective layer and cathodic protective layer, can resist bad weather, suitable for metal long-term protection; Excellent resistance to salt and water corrosion.

Strong adhesion to all kinds of metals and their alloys, can be directly sprayed without primer, high temperature resistance, not afraid of baking, dry coating can resist high temperature of about 120℃. Anti - drying temperature up to 80℃, fast drying. Economical and practical, one spray can prevent rust.