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What is the leaching process of stadium purse Seine?

Pulished on Aug. 02, 2019

What is the leaching process of stadium purse Seine? Shared by Mesh Panel Fencing supplier.

Sports field Mesh Panel Fencing is installed in the outdoor sports ground the fence products, around the stadium fence mainly iron products, anti-corrosion treatment is important, therefore, not only can play the role of aesthetics can greatly prolong the service life of the stadium fence, stadium Seine anti-corrosion treatment are many, including jinsu processing is a way, also called hot dip plastic processing, so the process is going on?

The dipping process is divided into two major steps. One is to soak the sticky plastic powder in the powder tank, add high temperature to the pipe, and then use high temperature to melt and adhere the plastic powder to the surface. The second step is the low temperature smoothing process, making the plastic powder on the surface smooth and bright. The hot dip plastic treatment of the stadium fence layer, long service life, not easy to knock.

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