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The advantages and characteristics of road guardrail

Pulished on Jul. 31, 2019

The advantages and characteristics of road guardrail

Functions of the highway Mesh Panel Fencing:

1, warning function: through the installation to make the outline of the fence simple and bright, warning drivers to pay attention to the existence of the fence and attention to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, so as to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.

2, the separation function: the traffic guardrail separates the motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic, longitudinal separation of the road on the section, so that the motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic lane, improve the safety of road traffic, improve the traffic order.

highway Mesh Panel Fencing

3, stop function: Mesh Panel Fencing supplier shares that the traffic barrier will stop bad traffic behavior, stop pedestrians or bicycles or motor vehicles trying to cross the road. It requires the fence to have a certain height, a certain density (refers to the column), but also a certain strength.

4, beautiful function: through different materials, different forms, different shapes and different colors of the guardrail, to achieve harmony and coordination with the road environment.

Different guardrail has different USES: balcony guardrail: to prevent falling objects from high altitude, to protect personal safety and property safety; Road guardrail: is the function of separation and warning; Barrier: is to prevent play when falling into the river, to protect personal safety, property safety, beautiful; Flower bed lawn fence (PVC fence) : protect flowers and plants and decorative role, beautiful, environmental protection; Still have a few stair guardrail, wave window guardrail, air conditioning guardrail, see you are need which kind. There are different materials: zinc steel guardrail, stainless steel guardrail, PVC guardrail.