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What knowledge do you need to know when designing a fence?

Pulished on Nov. 22, 2019

What knowledge do you need to know when designing a fence?

The fence net is also called the fence net. It is made of high quality low carbon steel wire and galvanized iron wire. What knowledge do you need to master when designing a fence? Come listen to the double wire mesh fencing supplier to explain to everyone!

Safety evaluation standard

It mainly includes the anti-collision capability (indicated by collision energy-kJ) of the fence net, the guiding function (ie, the vehicle running track) and the occupant injury degree index. After all, fenced products are products that people often come into contact with, and security is the primary consideration.

Smooth road traffic

When constructing the perimeter fence of the community, it should have a comprehensive understanding of whether the surrounding traffic is smooth, including vehicle type, quality, center of gravity, driving speed and collision angle. After considering these factors in a comprehensive manner, we can better understand how to build a hot dipped galvanized mesh panel fencing.

Fence network structure should be reasonable

In addition to selecting a specific material, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the fence price structure, including the type of guardrail, height, slope of the collision surface, structural strength, and foundation stability. In the actual construction, it is necessary to select the appropriate place for the fence material and field requirements of the community fence to ensure the safety and stability of the fence network.

Double Wire Mesh Fence

Double Wire Mesh Fence

What are the characteristics of fence materials?

In line with industry association standards, American standards are generally high! Its biggest feature is no welding, the perfect combination of accessories and substrates, thus reducing the probability of rust, while beautiful and durable.

The mesh panel fencing is mainly composed of zinc steel substrate and accessories. The zinc steel substrate is made of galvanized steel strip and adopts high-end welding technology to make the surface smooth and smooth. The fence net is a process of reworking the substrate, and the performance is better. Process: machining chemical treatment (de-oil ash phosphating passivation) electrostatic spraying ( curing (220 ° high temperature imitation enamel curing) after treatment, these materials can guarantee 10-20 years without rust The pipe of zinc-galvanized pipe can be rusted for 3-5 years at normal temperature, and the surface has a high zinc content, and the height reaches 60-80 mm/m2.