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How to install the fence

Pulished on Nov. 28, 2019

Highway fence net is a professional fence product for highways and highways. It has the characteristics of simple mesh structure, novel shape, convenient transportation and easy installation. Anping County in China is the main source of domestic fence net products, and highway fence nets are used in many highway parts in China. Generally speaking, the general highway fence network is mainly used in the fences of highways, railways, bridges, stadiums, airports, stations, service areas, bonded areas, open storage yards, and port areas.

If it is a highway fence net made of domestically produced 4mm high-quality low-carbon steel wire spot welds, the highway mesh panel fencing is still an ideal metal mesh wall, which has been widely used in various industries. Double-circle fence mesh: It is welded with cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire to form a cylinder-shaped curling and mesh surface. It is galvanized for anti-corrosion treatment. It has strong corrosion resistance, and then sprayed and dipped plastic. Spray and dip plastic; finally connect the attachment to the steel pipe pillar.

After a few years of wind, frost, rain, and snow, the sun's exposure is still as bright as new, and it is extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays. The green lawn is fresh and tidy against the backdrop of a white metal mesh.

Structure: The welded wire mesh braided and welded with low carbon steel wire is stamped, bent and rolled into a cylindrical shape, and then connected to the steel pipe pillar with a connection attachment and fixed.

Advantages: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, feeling bright, light and practical. The connection between the mesh and the column is very compact and the overall feel is good; the upper and lower coils significantly increase the strength of the mesh. .Uses: Used for decoration and protection of highways, airports, municipal green spaces, garden flower beds, unit green spaces, and port green spaces.

Points to note during the construction of the double wire mesh fencing:

1. If the double ring fence is used as an anti-collision fence, the appearance quality of the product depends on the construction process. During construction, the combination of construction preparation and pile driver should be emphasized, and the experience should be continuously summed up, construction management should be strengthened, and the quality of the installation of the fence Be guaranteed;

2. When the column of the guardrail is driven too deep, the column cannot be pulled out for correction, and its foundation must be re-rammed before driving in, or the position of the column must be adjusted. When approaching the depth during construction, attention should be paid to controlling the hammering force;

3. It is necessary to accurately grasp the information of various facilities when installing the double circle fence net, especially the exact location of various pipelines buried in the roadbed, and it is not allowed to cause any damage to underground facilities during the construction process.

Double Wire Mesh Fencing

Double Wire Mesh Fencing

4. If a flange is to be installed on a highway bridge, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the control of the elevation of the top surface of the column. The characteristics of grassland fence nets and the calculation method at the time of purchase The grassland fence nets are a kind of fence products made on grassland. It usually adopts domestic high-strength galvanized steel wire and warp and weft wire loop-type automatic twisting. Hard steel wire (H) with a D-grade zinc layer with a diameter of 2.5 mm in general.