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Knowledge of Various Fence Nets (Part 1)

Pulished on Feb. 14, 2020

358 Security fence supplier to share with you: fence netting is also known as protective nets, due to regional differences, the southerners are used to call the fence, the northerners are called the fence net. According to the production characteristics, the fence net can be divided into three types, one is a welded mesh fence, one is a chain link fence, and one is a steel mesh fence.

The plug fence is a highway steel fence. Its structure is to divide the original fence column into upper and lower parts. The lower end of the steel pipe of the upper column is sheathed in the upper end of the steel pipe of the lower column. together. It controls the deformation position of the guardrail pillar by strengthening the lower pillar, that is, using casing or other processes to prevent deformation of the lower guardrail pillar, and at the same time weakens the upper pillar locally or completely. The flexural modulus is also reduced at the same time, thereby ensuring that the level of collision resistance is not lower than the original standard design. The guardrail is easy to construct and can be easily replaced after a vehicle collision. It is not only suitable for locations such as dirt shoulders, retaining walls and bridges, but also for various forms of steel guardrails.

The product is beautiful and durable, does not deform, and is fast to install. It is an ideal metal fence product. Scope of application: Mainly used in parks / zoo fences, campus / field fences, road traffic isolation, and temporary isolation zones.

Fence Features

1. The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical.

2. Easy to transport, installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations.

3. Especially adaptable to mountainous, sloping and multi-curved zones.

4. The price is medium to low, suitable for large-scale use.

Product advantages: Beautiful, durable, non-deformable, fast installation, is an ideal metal mesh wall, has been widely used in various industries.

Chain-wire fence (warehouse isolation net): widely used in the workshop warehouse or between the market stalls, good protection performance, the biggest advantage is the small footprint, increased effective space, strong light transmission to assist Low lighting requirements.

Product advantages: good protection performance, small footprint, increased effective space, strong light transmission and low requirements for auxiliary lighting facilities.

Main markets: Particularly suitable for the internal isolation of workshops and warehouses, the isolation of stalls in wholesale markets, and the isolation of factories.

Carbon steel peach post fence:

Structure: It is welded with high-strength cold-drawn wire and low-carbon steel wire and then hydraulically formed, and is fixed to the steel pipe pillar with a link attachment.

Features: high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, wide field of vision, easy installation, feeling bright and easy.

Product advantages: Appropriate bending creates the unique aesthetic effect of this product, and the surface is treated with a variety of colors of dip plastic, such as yellow, green, red, and the combination of columns and mesh in different colors is even more pleasing to the eye. At the same time, this type of product mostly uses a column with a chassis, and the installation only requires expansion bolts, which is very fast.

Applicable occasions: railway closed network, living area fence, field fence, development area isolation network, etc.advantage:

1.The grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical;

2. Easy to transport, installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations;

3. Particularly adaptable to mountainous, sloping, and curved areas;

4. The price is medium to low, suitable for large-scale use.

 Carbon Steel Peach Post Fence

Carbon Steel Peach Post Fence