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The prospect and development trend of gabion nets

Pulished on Dec. 27, 2019

The gabion net, also known as the Gabion net, originated in our country. The earliest use of wicker or bamboo strips to strengthen the embankment of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and dam construction, at the time solved many of the more difficult difficulties, this is also the earliest application of the gabion net A form. The gabion net, as its name suggests, is an effective way to pack stones together to solve practical problems. With the progress of history and the improvement of technology, its material has also been greatly improved, the effect is more stable, and the application is wider. The gabion net was the earliest and was also used in the military. It was used to fill the soil and build barriers to prevent enemy artillery attacks. The following is a detailed description of the development trend of the gabion net by the welded wire mesh panels supplier!

The gabion net used in China is mainly made of iron wire, which is filled with sand and stones for flood prevention and disaster relief. Of course, it has exerted unexpected effects, and has been applied to now. The application of gabion nets in Italy is also one of the earliest countries. Bagged stone net cages were used to repair and strengthen river embankments. At that time, due to the problem of the material at that time, the life was long, and it was not possible to use it for one year. It is costly and labor-intensive. Of course, due to the rise of new materials, many problems have also been solved. The current materials are not only long-lived, but also cost-saving and environmentally friendly. The development of the gabion net is no longer a day or two. He has gone through the test of time and the environment and has proved many things. It also indicates that it is becoming more and more important to our lives and the environment.

Gabion Basket

Gabion Basket

Modern gabion nets are galvanized, and there are other special processes, with strong corrosion resistance, tensile strength, long life, wide range of use, etc. Because of its various advantages, it has been used in gardens, buildings, Embankments, riverbeds, and slopes that are prone to mudslides have been widely used. Of course, from the beginning to the present, the problems in our lives have been solved one by one, and the gabion net has been improved step by step to make it more useful.

The use of gabion baskets can be used for slope reinforcement and protection, foundation pit reinforcement, shotcreting on the surface of mountain bodies, hillsides, slopes where greening is required for reinforcement, forming an ecological natural grid and protecting nature surroundings. It is the most widely used material for river reconstruction and artificial river grooving in recent years. It can control water flow and prevent soil erosion. To a certain extent, it can also protect water quality and protect people's drinking water safety. Compared to other methods, the cost of gabion nets is effective, low cost, environmentally friendly, and has a long life. Therefore, if you want to save costs, shorten the construction period, and want to maintain quality and quantity, gabion net is a good choice.