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Anti-Corrosion and Rust Prevention of Highway Fence

Pulished on Mar. 11, 2020

After the rust and corrosion of the fence of the highway occurs, what should be done to solve it? Presumably this is a topic that everyone cares about. Considering that the traffic volume of expressways is relatively dense, most of them generally choose to carry out road construction maintenance at noon or some closed road management timing, which specifically involves the maintenance and protection of highway fences on both sides, timely replacement of rust and corrosion, The size of road fences, etc. After a large area of rust occurs, specific treatment should be performed according to the rust area. The specific steps are:

Record the specific dimensions of the rusted highway mesh panel fencing and use a hammer to test the concrete toughness on the fence net. If a large area of paint peeling or corrosion occurs, then the road here is proved The fence net has been severely eroded, and the fragility of the metal elements inside can be imagined. The best way is to replace the old fence fence net product in time.

According to the specific road construction area, the new net fence is selected for actual installation, and at the same time, the columns on both sides are more stable. Welding, galvanizing, and welding isolation are used to spread the areas where the net fences are connected evenly to avoid rain. hurt.

Rusty net fences should also be cleaned up in time and sorted back. As it is a common high-speed enclosure construction material, it still has a larger scope after professional recycling and degradation treatment.

Custom steel fence supplier china believes that the galvanized and electroplated plastic spray coating on the surface of highway fences in China is mainly made of oxide paint. During the production of highway fences, a layer of anti-corrosion equipment is evenly applied on it, which is more conducive to improving the anti-corrosion effect of highway fences. If you want to solve the daily anticorrosion of highway fence nets, regular maintenance is one of the indispensable links. Using regular periodic maintenance, professional separation of long-distance highway fence net products will be carried out. During the inspection of the expressway, it should pay more attention to whether the fence nets on both sides are damaged, welded or severely corroded. If such a problem occurs, the expressway management center should be notified in time to have professional maintenance personnel sent to clean it up , Replacement or other aspects of maintenance work. In general, the highway fence network is a guarantee to ensure the smooth opening of high-speed traffic. To solve the problem of high-speed traffic construction, we need to start with the basic highway fence network.

The protective nets on both sides of the highway should theoretically not have any corrosion and rust phenomenon. In the production process, there will be a special anti-corrosion spraying process, plus a green antioxidant coating on the surface, which is more helpful to the anti-corrosion effect. However, due to the long-term use of the highway fence network, it is easy to cause damage to the oxides attached to the surface under the influence of various rain and sun. In addition, the daily traffic volume is large, and some traffic jams or accidents are more likely Affects the safety protection of the entire highway.

Highway Mesh Panel Fencing

Highway Mesh Panel Fencing